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Treninzi, seminari, radionice u Budvi

Spark.me - международный бизнес-тренинг

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Spark.me – интерактивная конференция, созданная с целью раскрыть Вашу креативность, предоставляет возможность научиться от всемирно признанных тренеров и придумать и реализовать свою бизнес-идею. Эта региональная конференция призвана ознакомить с секретами международных специалистов в достижении успеха.

В тренинге примут участие: Steli EftiTine ThygesenTimo VuorensolaJ. B. M. KassarjianMarvin LiaoRamon De Leon

Стоимость регистрации в марте и апреле - 150 €, с 1 по 30 мая - 200 €, в день конференции - 250 €


Информация предоставлена порталом imonte

Spark.me is one of the biggest tech/business conferences in the Balkan region. The conference has been organized since 2013, in Budva, Montenegro by Domain.Me, a private company which is in charge of Montenegro’s national internet domain – .ME. Spark.me keynote speakers included Alf Rehn, David Armano, Scott Berkun, Tony Conrad, Dr. Eli Opper, Dragana “Gaga” Đermanović… Spark.me stage in previous years welcomed speakers from companies like Edelman Digital, Microsoft Ventures, WordPress, Skype, TechCrunch, DropBox, about.me, Prezi, Rushmore.fm, hub:raum, Bellabeat, Eleven, LAUNCHub, Bal Labs…
A successful conference is built on more than just good speakers and a good agenda (though, with Spark.me, we certainly promise both). It is also about the people who attend, and in the way they interact – to use industry jargon, network.
The Spark.me conference is designed to inspire you, to ignite your imagination, and to let you find YOUR spark – the one thing that makes you special, that one idea that will make you stand out from the crowd, along with the people you need to know to make that happen.
Join us on May 31 – June 1 in Budva, Montenegro!