Supplementary education in Budvi

Salsa Familia

Dancing schools, Lounge bar, Supplementary education, Dancing schools

Gimnastički klub Budva

Sports schools for children, Supplementary education, Sports clubs for children

ИЗО-студия на Майнском, Likovna radionica na Mainski Putu

Art and leisure centers, Artistic schools, Early development centers, nursery education, Art and handicrafts schools, Supplementary education

Vozroždenije (Возрождение), centar ruskog jezika

Libraries, Foreign languages school, Schools, Supplementary education, Studying foreign languages

Waves, škola stranih jezika

Books, Foreign languages school, Supplementary education, Foreign language courses, Studying foreign languages

Русская школа "Катюша", ruska škola "Katjuša"

Primary schools, Day Care Centeres, Early development centers, nursery education, Schools, Supplementary education
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